Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

Stunning photo by Jeremy Brault.

May 27, 2012 marked 75 years for our beloved landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge. It was one of those rare occurrences when San Francisco comes together to celebrate history, frivolity, and community with little to no booze (it was banned). Thousands came out to enjoy the live music, food vendors, and amazing firework display. It was heart warming, fun, and resulted in my second day in a row with 30,000 steps.

After a short trek across the city through UCSF and down Lyon Street, to be written about later, Chris and I met up with Ivan at his apartment. From there we walked over to the festival through the Palace of Fine Arts where the amount of baby animals was too adorable to bear!

Baby swans!

The weather was surprisingly perfect in The Marina in stark contrast to the chilliness back in Inner Sunset. The festival was great. It had just the right amount of people and the organizers put up plenty of cheesy photo opportunities.

Bridge police.


I bought a pin!

There were 3 music stages. The 2 main ones were decent, but then there was they really weird DJ one with a guy in a gray spandex suit…

I’m not really sure what’s going on here.

He reminded me of a Putty from the original Power Rangers, but I digress. The most packed areas were the food trucks – of course. Which is where we ran into Ben and Kyle!

Oh hey – fancy seeing you here!

We hung out down by the hobbit house for awhile. It was nice to relax after walking so much. I spotted a corgi and Ivan unabashedly walked over towards it and I followed sheepishly behind. His, the corgi, name is Yuki. He is super adorable and friendly. I secretly wish I had just picked him up and ran – but instead I gave him a pat on the head, admired his adorable orange sweater, and went on my way.

Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge!

Flash forward two and half hours and it was time for fireworks! We ended up watching them away from the crowds, on a hill outside of Lucasfilm HQ. My camera decided it only wanted to take blurry photos, but Jeremy captured some really stunning ones from Baker Beach.

Photo by Jeremy Brault.

The fireworks show was FANTASTIC! I wasn’t expecting much, so it’s safe to say that it totally blew me away. We had wondered why they were shutting down the bridge for an hour, but didn’t suspect it was because they were actually going to shoot fireworks off of it! My favorite part was the very beginning when the golden fireworks looked like a waterfall just pouring off the bridge. It was beautiful and everyone’s jaws just dropped. Overall, I would say the event was a huge success and well worth the hike down and back. If you’re around in 25 years I’m sure 100th Anniversary will be even more insane! I love my city!