Zak’s Graduation

Congratulations Zak!

On May 20, last Sunday, my brother Zak graduated from UVM! Chris and I flew a Red Eye so we could spend the two full days in beautiful Burlington, VT. The graduation was great, tourist spots were fun, and the weather was spectacular.

We started our tour of Vermont at the Quechee Gorge Village, specifically the famous Cabot Cheese shop.

Cowing around outside.

Inside they have huge buffet table full of free cheese samples.

After consuming mass amounts of free dairy products, we hiked over to Quechee Gorge.

Oooo, pretty.

You could see a really pretty view from the bridge and the trail that snaked around the sides of it. Still hungry, not quiet completely full of dairy, we were off in search of my favorite dessert – ice cream!

Ben & Jerry look a lot like my mom and dad.

At the Ben & Jerry Factory we took the tour, tried a delicious new ‘test’ flavor, and bought some of our refreshing favorites to eat outside. We couldn’t take photos while on the tour, but you can imagine how awesome and corny it was.

I made Chris stand next to the B&J ice cream van.

That night we got dinner with my brother and the next day, at 7:00AM (4:00AM PST) we needed to be out the door for his graduation. It was a perfect, 90 degree beautiful day. His commencement speaker was the CEO from Nickelodeon, who was great, and she brought along the voice actors of Spongebob and Patrick to do a song about UVM.

Way better than my commencement speaker. After taking a few pictures in some random person’s perfectly manicured lawn, we head over to the Flynn Theater for the School of Business graduation.

My parents fell asleep.

Zak walked across the stage and got his diploma.

We took some more classy photos.

After grabbing lunch at The Hilton, we returned to Zak’s apartment. He proceeded to drink himself silly in celebration and we changed into less fancy clothes to walk around downtown Burlington. It was hot and Church St was packed, so Hawaiian Ice really hit the spot.


We left Church St to go get some mini-cupcakes and check out Lake Champlain before heading back to Boston.

Salted Caramel and Maple Bacon

Lake Champlain

Congratulations Zak! I can’t wait to see where you end up; hopefully not a permanent resident of mom and dad’s couch. (Just kidding!) You can see all of Chris’ and my photos on Flickr and very soon I will be writing about the two days we spent in Boston. Cheers!