May in Boston

Boston Public Garden Swan

Boston was quiet cold and foggy compared to the beautiful, hot Burlington Vermont. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Chris and I the mild temperature and extreme fog reminded us of home. We walked around the Boston Common, Boston Public Garden, and MIT with my parents and then hung out around Harvard Square with my best friends from home Sabrina, Reid, and Tim!

We started our trip with lunch at my dad’s favorite sandwich shop.

Sam Lagrassa’s Famous Foods

The Boston Common has a cute and famous frog pond. My mom really wanted a picture of me kissing the statue, but after living in a city I really didn’t want my lips touching any outdoor public property. We used a convincing camera angle to get this shot, even though my lips never touched!

Chris took a less sketchy photo of the event.

Weekday tour guides.

At the, more famous, Boston Public Garden we watched the swans (and swan boats) and took pictures with the ducklings.

Swan boats.

Chris makes way for ducklings!

On the MIT campus we checked out the new Stata Center’s crazy buildings.

The Ray and Maria Stata Center

Playing with mirrors.

We left my parents at MIT and journeyed deeper into Cambridge to Harvard Square where we met up with Sabrina, Reid, and Tim for dinner, dessert, and drinks. Sabrina, sharing my love of ice cream, brought us to her favorite frozen yogurt place for dessert – Berry Line.

Everyone loved it… as you can tell from their gaping maws.

After that fantastic dessert, we went to Grendel’s Den for some good libations.

French 75

Goodnight friends!

Thanks for such a wonderful vacation home everyone – we had a great time! If you’d like to see all of our photos, check out Chris’ and my Flickr sets. Hope to see you all again very soon!