Beer Float 30

Team Blue! Sam, Michael, and Rick MIA.

Beer 30* has always been a tradition at Odopod since I started 3 years ago. On Thursdays we gather in the kitchen area, drink some beer, eat some snacks (usually chips and salsa), and let off steam. Recently Kris and Janine have gotten extremely creative with the Beer 30s – margarita 30, chocolate dipped strawberry 30, and the list goes on. I was super appreciative of the change. Not too long ago they opened it up to the studio. If you’re up for it, you get $100 to buy whatever you’d like to host your own Beer 30. Of course I had to get in on this delightful opportunity and signed the former Team Blue up!

We had a meeting to discuss our potential Beer 30 theme options. It started with Godzilla, sea creatures – things we’re known for, but they all seemed to far fetched to connect food and drinks to. As the meeting went on we got into a more reasonable territory… Beer Pong 30 (keg & solo cups included) and Local Ice Cream Social 30 (thanks Michael!). Out of the darkness came the brillant idea to marry the two – Beer Float 30! The adorable family values of an ice cream social with the over 21 ability to drink beer! Perfecto.

Of course we put way too much planning into it (like we usually do), but it turned out great regardless. I actually had a lot of fun making a Google Doc spreadsheet for all of the financials & a floor plan for how we were going to set everything up.

The floor plan.

Some backstory:

The former Team Blue loved to vote. It all started when our team was formed and we needed to vote on a name. We could have been Team Plaid, Team Orange or Purple, but we voted on Blue! (According to Sam, our ADID, it was the only logical choice from the very beginning.) From there we voted on our mascot. We could have been kraken, grover, blu, or smurfs, but Alternate Universe Zoidberg won! We decided to name him using the first initial in all of our names: MR.L’SEJ. When Alex joined the team he became MR. LA SEJ. Which resulted in many adorable drawings:


In the process of coming up with his name, we came up with many alternate anagrams (as seen above). A few members later we dropped Mr. La Sej and moved onto Team LASER JAM.


With our latest edition (before the split), Feb, we went through our most detailed tired voting system yet to land on our new alter-ego J. FEARSLAM. To name our Beer Floats we brought back our favorite anagrams: J Fearslam (Guinness & Double Rainbow Vanilla), Serf Jam LA (Samuel Smith Strawberry Beer & Straus Dutch Chocolate), AJ Flamers (A&W Rootbeer & Breyer’s Vanilla), Jar Ma’self! (Samuel Smith Apple Cider Beer & Three Twins Dad’s Cardamom), and Flare Jams (Lindeman’s Raspberry Lambic & Three Twins Vanilla). As you can see, we used all local ice creams as well (with the exception of the classic Breyer’s vanilla)!

Beer Float Station

Elena at the Beer Float Station

To top everything off, we dressed in matching white button-ups, ties, and paper hats.

Ali and I in Soda Jerk outfits!

One of the tie favorites: Flare Jams. Jar Ma’Self was equally as loved.

The Beer 30 was a hit! We had a blast doing it and people really seemed to enjoy our floats (two of which were totally stolen from Green Chili Pies). Since then Odopod has expanded upstairs and the teams have been totally rearranged. As sad as we were to break up, every team has a little blue in them now! :) To see more pictures & credits for the pictures above (because they’re not all mine), check out my Flickr set.


J.Fearslam Forever

Team Blue Fun Fact Team Blue, before the split, was the only team at Odopod that had never lost a single member. No one quit, was fired, laid off, or moved teams. *mind blown*

*Beer 30’s name was changed to Beer o’Clock about a year ago. We used to have it at 4:30pm (hence the Beer 30) and has since moved to 5pm, but it never really stuck in my head.