Lone Mountain Lyon

A flower-filled walk through San Francisco.

What may seem like forever ago to all of you, I promised I would write about Chris and my adventure to the 75th Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary. Per usual, we took a new and interesting way to Marina (where we later met up with Ivan) that took us over Lone Mountain, the main USF campus, and down Lyon Street, once it turns into a walking path. I didn’t know either of those places existed, so it was a joyful accident to find them.

We entered USF Lone Mountain Campus at Fulton and Cole. There’s a luscious lawn, a beautiful church, and a crazy wolf statue.

St Ignatius Church

Los Lobos de Loyola

We then walked in between the two campus areas, on Chabot Terrace, and walked up the beautiful staircase to the top of Lone Mountain.

Chris walking up the second tier of stairs.

The perfectly groomed entrance.

Chris and I started trespassing around, like we do, and found ourselves on a pathway that wrapped around the school. In the back there was a beautiful enclosed Japanese garden, and a gorgeous view.

Golden Gate Bridge!

We contemplated stopping and just watching the fireworks from here, but we wanted to get some memorabilia and Ivan probably wouldn’t have been to happy with us – so onward we went! At the entrance to the Presido, we hung a right and ended up where Lyon Street turns into a steep beautiful walkway – who knew?

We were very happy to be going down the stairs.

The gardens were dripping with flowers.

Fun architectural sculptures.

…and, of course, a classic San Francisco heart.

All in all, a very fun and unexpected adventure. I hope you check them out next time you’re in SF! :) To see more pictures from our adventure, check out my Flickr set!