Treasure Island Photo Walk

Treasure Island No.5

Flickr sponsors photo walks around the world. In San Francisco, this guy plans out the entire event (with help from the Flickr crew) and basically walks a group of trigger-happy photographers around a beautiful spot to take as many pictures as possible. It’s fun, free, and a great way to learn more about your city – it’s basically like a free walking tour. Chris and I have been on two photo walks now. Our first was a instant camera walk through The Mission and our second, the one I’m going to share with you today, was around Treasure Island!

Bridget and Jon Brennan were in San Francisco during the photo walk and we were so happy they decided to come along! I hadn’t seen Bridget in 3 years! Jon is currently interning at Odopod and almost everyone on the tour asked if he was my brother. Oh, bother – must be the red hair.


Chris and Jon!

Without further ado, artsy photos:

Abandoned Lot

Firefighter Training Area

The house with a face. No.2

Abandoned Military Base

Abandoned Pool

Enough with the art! Here’s Eric showing us a real life depiction of how the Flickr loading animation animates.

Herding pandas…

It was a great photo walk! You can see all of the photos taken that day on this group feed or you can check out Chris’s flickr set or see the rest of my photos on my flickr set! Thanks for coming out with us Bridget & Jon!


The End