Christopher’s 30th Birthday

Happy Birthday Chris!

As most important birthdays tend to do (at least in San Francisco), Chris’s 30th birthday is spanning almost the entire month of July. His actual birthday was on July 8th! Laura and Sean were in town and the festivities started the Saturday morning before with Chris’s favorite dish: breakfast pizza.

Put an egg on it!

Laura and Sean gave him their gifts, a sexy iPad case and a Laura Frastaci original ice cream painting. We had tried to buy that painting at the ice cream shop when we visited Portland, but they didn’t have their shit together. Fortunately no one else bought it and Laura gave it to Chris as a gift! :)

Ice cream!

That day we went on one of our infamous walks with Laura over to Grand View Park. It was a beautiful day and nice to soak in the sun.

Karl stayed away for Chris’s birthday.

That night we went to Mission Bowling Club for dinner and bowling! The food was phenomenal.

Bert and Chris

Cinnamon Crunchy Toast.

Bowling was super fun! Chris and Alex were superb bowlers.

Allison and Eric

Alex’s crazy moves.

Excited onlookers!

More excited onlookers!

The next day, Chris’s actual birthday, we spend lounging around. We went to Dynamo Donuts for brunch, I finished the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Laura had helped me start (Chris’s favorite dessert), and Chris got lots of cards and presents!

Maple Bacon Donut

Presents: Ice Cream KitchenAid Attachment & Humphry Slocombe Cookbook

Birthday Pie!

Happy Birthday old man! If you’d like to see all of my photos from his big day, please check out my Flickr set. Chris’s birthday continued on our trip to San Diego! Stay tuned.