Our Office+Dining Room

Once in awhile I get this itch… the itch to rearrange the apartment, to do something drastically different and experiment with a change to the norm. (Laura and Caitlin know exactly what I’m talking about here.) A month or so ago, my co-worker and friend, Ali, was telling me that she was working on a headboard for her bed and that got me started. I went home, took one look at our messy, fur-covered, pee-stained office and was determined to make it into a useable room.

The old office.

When we moved into our current apartment I had carefully planned every room… except the office. The office was the room that got everything that didn’t fit anywhere else. The mismatched desks, rainbow couch, pee-stained white rug, and various other bits of furniture and electronics. In the beginning I didn’t mind because the other rooms kept me occupied, but the more and more we lived there the more the office stuck out like a sore thumb. At first I thought a simple desk rearrangement would change my opinion.

With Chris’s help, I moved my desk from next to his to back-to-back. Brilliant! Unfortunately the part of the rug that had been under the couch (now under my new desk spot) had never received the two deep cleanings that the other part of the rug had been treated with. It was medium grey with dirt and the pee stains were almost a deep neon yellow – gross. That was it. I had had it with the stupid pee-stained white rug and Chris agreed. It took some serious strength, but we soon had the gross rug rolled up in the hallway and the room looked so much better already. Our eyes drifted over to the rainbow couch.

The rainbow couch.

We had great memories of the rainbow couch in Chris’s old apartment… we had eaten every meal, played hours of God of War III, and basically lived on that thing for half a year – but it was time to go. We didn’t use it anymore and it was just taking up space that could be used for something we would use, something we were lacking… like a place to eat with friends, or play board games and not get covered in cat hair, something like… a dining room table!

Chris got excited about the idea and seemed surprisingly ok about getting rid of the couch. I started planning the room with some measured layouts.

1 square = 1 foot

From there we determined that a circular table would be best for the space. Then I moved onto horrible photoshop mock-ups of the circular table we liked to decide whether we should get light or dark wood.

The dark wood option.

I sent both the measurement layouts and the horrible photoshop pictures to my mom to get her opinion (as an interior designer). She preferred the dark wood (because it looked more expensive), getting chairs with 4 legs (so we don’t roll off of them while playing games), and recommended that we get something off of Craigslist instead of buying it new. At least we listened to two of your recommendations mom! :D In all honesty, I’m just tired of having a bunch of mismatched street / Craigslist furniture so for the first time Chris and I bought the table and the chairs new.

Unfortunately our first trip to Ikea was a dud. We bought the table and two of the chairs. Excited to put everything together, we built the chairs and opened the table to find GIANT box cutter scratches across the front. (WTF?!) So for a week, we tested out eating in our new dining room with our old TV tables and our new chairs.

The early morning breakfast test.

Our second trip to Ikea we were all the wiser. We checked the table boxes and the chair boxes for any bumps or bruising. We also brought a Ziptruck this time instead of a Zipcar. Success!

Chris building the table!

I’m building the table with DANCE!

Everything came together quiet nicely.

Ta-da! Looks just the mock-up, right?

We’ve had a few friends over to test it out and the reviews are in – everybody loves it!

Laura & Sean

Maria & Martin

Allison & Sam

Michael, Vickie, Joey, Jon, and Val

We hope to have you all over for dinner and games very soon! Cheers!