A Tale of Three Hills

Urban hikers.

There are a few new designer Odopeeps at the studio and I thought it would be fun to show them the city on one of my infamous urban hikes! The day started with overcast skies at my favorite Inner Sunset cafe The Wooly Pig. It was a slow start for most folks due to the Odopod studiowarming the night before, but everyone (with the exception of two in hangover central) showed up ready to hike. I took everyone on the same walk Christopher and I had taken Michael, Jasmine, and Ichigo on a few months ago. Chris was at Stook’s bachelor party this weekend and Jasmine is in Europe, but Michael and Ichigo joined! Val, who lives close to us and has seen us leaving for many walks, but has never been on one, came. Hope, Vickie, Joey, and Jon (the Odopod interns) all came! Maya, Theo, and James (most of the Odopod junior designers) came as well! It was a big party and a lot of fun.

The first of our three hills was my favorite spot to bring everyone, Grand View Park. Here’s a pic of the whole party at the bottom of the mosaic Moraga Steps (shown above). Everyone braved the steps like champs. Unfortunately Karl felt like lingering around longer than expected, so when we got to the top it was still overcast and visibility was poor.

Michael inspecting the fog.

Maya pumped to be at the top.

Regardless of the fog, everyone seemed to enjoy it. We then trekked over, up some more steps, and through the dog park over to Golden Gate Heights.

Hiking down the steep side.

Hope & Vickie

Our last hill, my third favorite view of the city, was Hawk Hill Park. I have to give a shout out to Maya to trekked up that hill in flat sandals. Fortunately the sky was clearing at that point so it wasn’t too bad.

Hope snapped a shot of me leading the pack.

To celebrate the completion our 3.3+ mile trek we got ice cream at Holy Gelato!

Gelato! Photo by Hope.

Still early in the day, we set out to explore Haight Street via Golden Gate Park. We took a slight detour to the top of the DeYoung observation tower and afterwards lost half our crew. Michael, Val, Vickie, Jon, Joey, and Ichigo continued onto Haight St and checked out Amoeba. Getting hungry we went back to my place, ordered Mission Chinese and played Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Betrayal! Photo by Val.

Fortunately everyone loves board games. (Joey might have loved the blood dagger a little too much.) We ended the day with a quick trip to The Ice Cream Bar. I had a great time showing everyone around and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did (sorry about your sore feet)!