Bergmann WWA: San Francisco

The Bergmanns + Honorary Bergmann Chris

After The Bergmann’s amazing world wide adventure (WWA) in China, San Francisco was old news. My dad, a professor at BU, was given the opportunity to teach his future students in Shanghai and my mom tagged along. They split off from the group and ventured around Beijing – which ended up being their favorite of the two cities. They tried new and interesting foods, saw many historic and fascinating buildings, had fun with some art, took tons of pictures, and haggled with old chinese women over ‘real-fake’ merchandise. I, however, was not there… so if you want to see pictures check out my mom’s flickr. My story begins when they landed in the evening of a beautiful San Francisco summer day. Foggy as fuck.

They arrived on Thursday, relaxed most of Friday, and Saturday started with a failed attempt to wait in line at Dottie’s – so we went to Adam Smith’s favorite Sears Fine Foods. We all enjoyed our 18 World Famous Swedish Pancakes and prepared ourselves for the long urban hike ahead of us. By mistake we walked down 6th Street (notoriously the worst street in San Francisco known for robbery, prostitution, and otherwise) and thankfully made it out unharmed. After a quick stop at Dynamo Donuts we started our hike up the base of Bernal Heights. A few curse words were whispered, dad pushed mom up the hill, and we met a nice lady with a cute dog who took our picture.

Aformentioned dog in the background.

It started to get really foggy and windy while we were up there.

Everyone attempted to fly, but it didn’t work out so hot.

On our way down the hill we stumbled upon a rock labyrinth.

Looks kind of like Mars.

That was pretty much it for Saturday. On Sunday we visited all of the places my mom had requested via previous blog entries. She really loved the Lone Mountain buildings and the flowers all over the Lyon Street stairs.

Lone Mountain

Lyon Street Stairs


For all their hard work, aka a tremendous amount of walking, Chris and I brought them to a lunch spot we knew the two native Pennsylvanians would love.

Jake’s Steaks

Before heading back to watch the Mars Curiosity landing, we walked out to the wave organ to relax peacefully by the water and take in some rays.


On Monday Chris headed off to work, but I took the day off to hang out. We started the day with a TCHO Chocolate factory tour. I have been to the TCHO factory a few times before, once for the tour… once for a whiskey, chocolate, and sex toy party… but that’s a story for another time. The new tour was great. The space has really come together, the tour guide was nice and informative, seeing the factory working was awesome (we watched women wrapping the new Starbucks chocolate), and the tasting was mouth-watering. The tour got a little preachy at parts, which was unexpected, but it was all for the greater good – so I can appreciate it. Buy chocolate (not candy masquerading as chocolate). Buy fair trade chocolate. Easy enough.

My mom in her fancy chocolate protection cap.

After our tour we met up with Chris for lunch at Wexler’s, which I had never been to and was delicious. Tired of walking, when we left Chris we jumped on the Ferry to Sausalito. Boat was the only mode of transportation my parents hadn’t been on while in SF. (To our surprise if you have a Clipper card the ferry ride is half price!)

It wasn’t foggy! Yay – enjoyable weather!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out by the bay in Sausalito. This artistic fellow had made some balanced rock sculptures and was teaching kids how to do it. It was really fun to watch.

Rock sculptures with SF in the background.

All in all I think my parents had a fun time (not as fun as China) and I’m really happy they visited! My mom’s birthday was on August 13th, so Happy Birthday Mom from 99Homebrew (that’s you – post reader)! If you would like to see more pictures from their visit, check out Chris’s flickr and my flickr!