Healdsburg Wine Limo Tour


On August 10-13th Chris and I head an hour north to celebrate Chris’s best friend’s Jason and Fallon’s wedding! They had chosen the adorable town of Healdsburg for the celebration and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Healdsburg is great little town full of little shops, delicious restaurants, gardens, and most importantly for this part of the story – wineries! As Fallon planned her destination wedding, she also planned a wine limo tour two days before the big day to go to all of their favorite wineries.

14 person wine limo!

Everyone parked outside of Safeway and we all met while waiting for our gigantic limo. Even though the only people I knew before the wedding where Chris, Jason, and Fallon, I quickly became friends with the whole crew. The limo arrived, I popped a Pepcid Complete*, and we were on our way!

Ridge Winery

Ridge Winery

Ridge Winery was the first stop on our tour. The wines were ok – nothing that blew my mind. The winery definitely had that ‘Robert Mondavi’ feel – super classy and swank, not my scene, but extremely beautiful.

Kokomo Winery

Kokomo owner teaching us about wine.

Kokomo Winery was the second stop on our tour and my favorite winery. I think I felt so comfortable there because inside felt like if Haight/Ashbury had a baby with a New England sea town. Their white wines were deliciously delicate. The owner, an extremely nice and down to earth fellow, started talking to Fallon, found out we were there for the wedding, and decided to give us a tour of the winery and teach us a little bit about grapes and terroir.

Enjoying our wine lesson.

Fallon tasting grapes!

Peterson Winery


Peterson Winery was another super cute mom-and-pop-shop winery. I didn’t try any of the wines there, after having 12 tastings previously, but I did meet 2 of their adorable animals including ‘Whitey’ the 15 year old cat.


After Peterson Winery, we drove .005% of a mile over to a shaded spot with lots picnic tables for limo tour included lunch. I had the grilled veggie sandwich and it was pretty good. People sat around for awhile, the people from Arizona saying how nice and cool it was and the people from San Francisco how nice and hot. Chris played some tetherball and Fallon picked some flowers.


Bella Winery

Overall the limo tour was fantastic …only two things were less than stellar. One was that the limo sat out in the sun, so when we got back in we were baking while the AC slowly cooled the car. Two was that our limo driver got lost on the way to Bella and drove a considerable distance out of the way. So how do you make lemonade with lemons on a wine tour? Drink the provided champagne in the limo of course!

Classy with champagne!

Back of the limo champagne buddies: Chris and Amanda!

When we finally arrived at Bella we all took in the scenery while waiting in line for the restroom. Ha! The actual winery was really cool! It’s a cave in the side of the mountain that naturally keeps the wine at a perfect temperature. There were lots of different tunnel-esk rooms that spawned off of the main entrance. The cool cave was the perfect relief from from the sweltering 97 degree heat outside. Again, I only sipped a few of Chris’s tasting glasses here so I’m not a great judge of the wine. Last weekend Jason and Fallon visited SF and brought a bottle of Bella’s dessert wine and it was fantastic.

Bella’s cave from the outside.

Stephen & Walker Winery

Everyone’s favorite wine.

With our extra time acquired by the limo driver getting lost, we went to our final winery Stephen & Walker in downtown Healdsburg. Although Kokomo was my favorite winery, Stephen & Walker had my favorite wine by a long shot. Everything was delicious! I think the hot ticket item was their 2009 Pino, but I loved their dessert wines (we got a bottle of both).

Our informative wine connoisseur.

Almost the whole gang!

As you can see the limo tour was great and a ‘must-do’ in Sonomo and/or Napa. It’s really fun to go into a winery and take over the place. Thank you so much Fallon for planning the trip! If you would like to see more photos from our limo wine tour experience, please check out Chris’s flickr and my flickr! Next post: Jason and Fallon’s wedding!


P.S. After the wine tour, we walked around Healdsburg for a bit and found a frozen yogurt place that I fit perfectly in.

Linzi + frozen yogurt = heaven.

*Pepcid Complete was recommended to me by a few friends at work to cure my ‘asian glow’ (aka alcohol intolerance). It worked like a charm the day of the wine tour! I think taking it 45 minutes before drinking is the key. On the day of the wedding I only waited 25-30 minutes and I still turned a little pink. The more you know!