Jason and Fallon’s Wedding


Jason and Fallon are Chris’s best friends. Before he moved to San Francisco he used to live with them, and their adorable cats, in Arizona. Jason (aka Stook) is a board game master, big fan of guns and pocket knives, and is extremely opinionated about food. Fallon is a child of the 50s – a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, medical illustrator, works with animals, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. They have two cats, Lenore and Bromley, and the dearly departed Kit-Kat who is the reason Chris is a cat person. They have been dating for 10 years and are still madly in love. On August 12th they tied the knot at Madrona Manor in Healdsburg, California. Their wedding and following reception were perfect and I loved being a part of it.

Big arms.

I spent the morning of the big day with the gentlemen. While the ladies got ready at Madrona Manor, we met up at Costeaux French Bakery for a delicious brunch. I was super pumped because they have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toasted sourdough with chips inside! Childhood dream come true. After brunch we headed back to our hotel room to get ready.

Writing a love note.

Apparently it is tradition for the groom, Jason, to write a love note and have the best man, Chris, bring it to his bride, Fallon, before the ceremony. I thought this was super cute and had to capture the moment. After he was done writing, Chris and I left the men to prepare Stook. Madrona Manor is quiet possibly the most beautiful place I have been in my life. The manor itself is gorgeous, dripping with old-timey luxury, and the ground are covered in flowers. There’s even a beautiful view of the surrounding vineyards and distant mountains from the front.

Madrona Manor

The Grounds – where Jason asked Fallon to marry him.

The View

After delivering the note, Chris was put in charge on a wine box time capsule that he had to find a place for outside where the ceremony was taking place. Goal: out of sight, but easy to grab.

Wine Time Capsule

The men arrived shortly after. Jason had given them all cute funny socks to wear – pretty adorable.

Mustaches and Burbon

While the men waited in the garden for the photographer, the girls started to come outside. Yelling erupted and the mem were quickly moved into a dining room with no windows that faced outside where the women were.

Patiently waiting.

Before we knew it, it was time for the wedding! Full of excitement, all of the friends and family not part of the wedding party took their seats. It was a small wedding – which I thought was perfect. They had around 40 people and I got to meet and hang out with everybody. Jason’s dad, Mark – who I sat with at the rehearsal dinner, is a character. Camera’s ready – the wedding begun!

Fallon and her dad.

The ceremony.

Mr & Mrs

The ceremony was short and sweet. Mike, the minister, did a great job. The photographer took lots of photos of Jason and Fallon with family and friends. Chris and I took a ton of photos over his shoulder, but these were my favorite.

With the nephew and nieces.

The Wedding Party

Mike was sweet and snapped a photo of Chris and I while we waited for their car to arrive.

Chris and I all dressed up.

Willa being super cute.

After a long photo session in the hot sun, the amazing vintage car showed up (pictured at the top of the article) and we went back to Costeaux French Bakery for the reception! The interior of Costeaux, like Madrona Manor, was vintage and adorable. Fallon had set up an illustrated sign in, had adorable photos of her and Jason hung on a string on the wall, and had painted a giant moon that people sat with to get their photos taken. So cute! The food was amazing and Chris and Amanda (best man and maid of honor) gave great, tear-inducing speeches. Like the wedding, the reception was perfect.

The cake – with kitties on top!

The amazing parmesan risotto with asparagus.

New best friends: Margeaux and Neil.

The moon!


First dance.

Everything was so romantic and beautiful… I kind of want to steal their wedding for myself. Congratulations! I’m so happy for the both of you! You are truly the perfect couple. If you would like to see more pictures from the wedding, and believe me – there’s so many more, please check out Chris’s flickr set and my flickr set. Thank you for including me in your special day!