Laura’s Ice Cream Show

Ice Cream art!

From the archives!

One of our first orders of business upon moving to Portland was to visit the infamous ice cream shop, Salt & Straw. Known for their continuously changing lineup of innovative (sweet summer corn buttermilk sherbet, anyone?) and extremely tasty (snickerdoodle!!!!) ice creams, they also have a cool scoop shop where they host a wall of art made by local artists, usually dedicated to the subject of ice cream.

Sounded delicious. I asked, and my wish was granted. I had my first art show lined up!

I spent most of the winter preparing watercolor studies of the cones, gathering reference (aka, eat some more ice cream), and framing the show. In March, the paintings went up!

Ice Cream art!

Ice Cream art!

It was just in time for my number one ice cream fans to visit.

Ice Cream fans!


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