Twin Peaks

I have always planned to go back and do the parks I visited before I started writing SF Adventures, but could never find the time with all of the new parks. Now that the list has shortened, I’m going to start writing about the parks I visit frequently, the oldies but goodies – because why should all the new, out of the way parks get all the glory.

San Francisco’s Boobs with Beautiful Views

I remember when Chris and I first discovered Twin Peaks. It was two years ago and we believed we had hit the jackpot of undiscovered, tucked-away San Francisco views. We had been following a crazy map that lead to a bunch of money and I wrote about it here in The Great Longshot Treasure Hunt. After that, all I wanted to do was show the mythical park to everyone I knew.

The first vistors we brought up there were Sabrina and Reid, which I briefly wrote about in Sabrina & Reid Visit!

Sabrina and Reid

The second visitor to check out the peaks was Laura, which I wrote about in Spontaneous Weekend and she wrote about in From Behind the Glasses: Spontaneous SF.


The third visitors were Chris’s mom and brother.

Melinda and Douglas

The fourth visitors were my mom and dad, which I wrote about in The Bergmann Bunch, Part 1.

Sue and Gary

The one night we kidnapped our fifth “visitor” Allison, the weekend the new iPhone 4S was out, and drove up to see the city at night.

Twin Peaks at night… I would show a picture of Allison, but they’re all dark.

After our trip to Glen Canyon Park, we brought up our sixth visitors Michael, Kyle, and Ichigo.


Michael, Kyle, and Ichigo

We’ve been up there so many times at this point that I’ve stopped taking photos. If I took you up there and don’t have our trip on here – I’m really sorry. (I’m pretty sure we took Maria and Julien up there, but I only have photos of them on Tank Hill.) Anyway – the point of all this is: Twin Peaks is amazing. It’s easy to get to – you can hike, drive, or take a tour bus. Without any hiking, the view from the base of the peaks is stunning. If you only have a limited time in SF, Twin Peaks is a must. To check out my ever-growing collection of Twin Peaks photos, check out my flickr set.