2012 Vacations in Review

Happy New Year’s Eve! With 2012 coming to a not-so-surprising normal close (no destruction of Mayan proportion – yet), I thought I’d take a look at the year in review. What is better to start with than vacations?

Tahoe, CA

In early February Chris and I rented a condo for the weekend in Aspen Grove – one of the small clusters of condos inside Northstar. Highlights of the trip include: cute condo, knitting, Northstar village, The Chocolate Bar, Fifty Fifty Brewery, ice skating, and Jax at the Tracks. Read the full post.

Tahoe, CA

I love celebrating Emily’s birthday in Tahoe every year. Highlights of the trip include: delicious food, knitting, Emily cutting her finger, Emerald Bay State Park, and naked dudes jumping in freezing water. Read the full post.

Portland, OR

I’m a quarter of a century old. To celebrate this monumental occasion Chris and I visited Laura, Sean, and Findlay in Portland! In our short time there a few things became abundantly clear. Portland is covered in moss, full of biscuits, and has a 99% chance of rain at any given time. Highlights of the trip include: The Kennedy School, Portland Japanese Tea Garden, Powell’s City of Books, Biwa, Laura’s paintings at Salt & Straw, Pine Street Biscuits, Multnomah Falls, and Voodoo Donuts. Read the full post.

Sonoma, CA

Our dear friend Allison turned 30 this year and to celebrate we rented a mansion in Sonoma! There was an abundance of delicious food, sparklers, Allison’s homemade piñatas, gorgeous weather, ample pool time, and ombre cake! It was fantastic. Read the full post.

Burlington, VT

On May 20 my brother Zak graduated from UVM! Chris and I flew a Red Eye so we could spend the two full days in beautiful Burlington, VT. Highlights of the trip include: Ben & Jerry’s, Cabot Cheese Shop, the graduation, and the weather was spectacular. Read the full post.

Boston, MA

Boston was quiet cold and foggy compared to the beautiful, hot Burlington Vermont. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Chris and I the mild temperature and extreme fog reminded us of home. We walked around the Boston Common, Boston Public Garden, and MIT with my parents and then hung out around Harvard Square with my best friends from home Sabrina, Reid, and Tim! Read the full post.

San Diego, CA

Continuing the tradition we started last year, we flew to San Diego to continue Chris’s birthday celebration! This year we went with Chris’s family and Chris’s mom, Melinda, rented the perfect house for everyone to stay in. Melinda, Jack (Chris’s dad), Douglas (Chris’s brother), Austin (Chris’s sister-in-law), and Declan (Chris’s nephew) drove from Arizona. Highlights of the trip include: USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, sea world, boardwalk walk with Melinda, Chris’s birthday, and hanging on the beach. Read the full post.

Tahoe, CA

Continuing our big Tahoe summer/winter trip tradition, this summer we went to celebrate Tori’s birthday! Happy Birthday Tori! Highlights of the trip include: bunk beds, Tartine’s banana cream pie, private beach, Fire Sign Cafe, and euchre! Read the full post.

Healdsburg, CA

On August 10-13th Chris and I head an hour north to celebrate Chris’s best friend’s Jason and Fallon’s wedding! They had chosen the adorable town of Healdsburg for the celebration and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Highlights of the trip include: Stook & Fallon’s wedding at Madrona Manor, delicious food and reception at Costeaux French Bakery, a wine limo tour, and swimming in Russian River. Read the full post.


From September 17th to the 24th Chris and I traveled to Iceland! We had a blast. Highlights of the trip include: on a two hour drive you see rolling green hills, snow covered mountains, iced over lava fields, waterfalls, geysers, explosion craters, and other worldly sulfer vents. There are sheep everywhere. You can try some really funky cuisine like rye bread ice cream, whale, puffin, and shark. Icelanders are super nice, a little sarcastic, love candy eggs (still don’t understand that one), and actually wear those Icelandic sweaters you see all over the tourist books. Not to mention – the Northern Lights!!! Read the full post.

Yosemite National Park, CA

For Michael’s 26th Birthday we went camping in Yosemite National Park! I had never been to Yosemite before and only been camping in my backyard, so this was both super exciting & scary. Highlights of the trip include: camping, ramen, meeting Rosa, hiking to Vernal Falls, being scared shitless by Kyle, and beautiful views. Read the full post.

Topsfield, MA

In December I flew alone back to Topsfield, MA for Christmas with the family. It was the first Christmas that the whole family wasn’t there to participate – my brother had to work & Sabrina stayed in Denver, CO. Highlights of the trip include: meeting Bailey, Bailey wearing a diaper, snow, hanging out with my mom and dad, seeing Heather, and spending a night with my highschool friends.)

– – –– – –

12 vacations, 12 planes, 15 PTO days. We also had some great visitors to SF this year! In the order they visited: Maria, Julien, Laura & Sean, Sue & Gary, Maria & Martin, Stook & Fallon, Jamie, Laura & Sean (again!), Dave H, and last, but not least – Graeme. It was great to see you all and I can’t wait for new travels in 2013.