A Year in Review and Beginning Anew

I hope 2012 was as great of a year for you as it was for me! Since I shared my resolutions with you at the beginning of the year, it’s only fitting to let you know how everything worked out.

6 Biggest Successes of 2012

1. I lost 30 lbs & maintained my new weight.
Technically 16.8 lbs in 2012 alone, but I think it resulted in the biggest visible difference. I was unhappy with my weight. I constantly felt sluggish, tired, and was growing horizontally out of my pants. I didn’t realize how much weight I had gained since college until I saw the picture of myself (shown below) from May 2010. I knew I had to change my diet and start exercising, so I started by walking to work and eating less. In February 2012 Chris bought me a Fitbit and that was the beginning of my love of long walks/hikes & understanding of what I’m putting into my body. At the end of 2012 I can honestly say that I feel and look great and I love my new lifestyle. (And yes, I still eat ice cream every night.)

Jan 2011 | August 2012

May 2010 | October 2012

2. I became more fit and tracked every moment of it.
I love my Fitbit. I love the ability to track all of my exercise in 1 simply designed place. From February 14-December 31st 2012, I have: walked 4,734,575 steps, 2,197.55 miles, and climbed 12,489 floors. My top badges are 45,000 steps in one day, 200 floors in one day, 2,000 miles lifetime distance, 8,000 floors lifetime climb badge, and 30 lbs lifetime weight loss badge. It doesn’t hurt that I’m super competitive and love being number 1 on the leaderboard. Have a Fitbit? Be my friend!

3. I started caring about how I present myself.
Up until 2012 I’ve looked how I’ve always looked throughout college. Long indie hair, bangs brushed to the side. T-shirt, jeans, Asics, and a hoodie. Unfortunately, and secretly fortunately, you can go into the fanciest restaurant in SF in a hoodie (Exhibit A: Mark Zuckerberg). It’s a great look, super comfortable, but not very professional or appropriate for certain occasions. So asked my fashion forward friend, Laura Chan, to go on a shopping outing and teach me how to dress. I cannot thank her enough. I’m wearing boots, high heels, dresses, and belts – oh my! My new style culminated when on December 6, right before the Odopod Holiday Party, I donated 14 inches of my hair to locks of love.

New 2013 Hairstyle

4. I took on more responsibility.
At Odopod I’ve been in art directing projects, presenting to clients, mentoring, and running culture events. At home I’ve been calling people on the phone (omg!) including friends, doctors, ordering take-out, and the police. I’ve also gotten my important life affairs in order – you’re looking at a cavity-free licensed California driver!

5. Fostered my cherished communities.
I have many traditions I love doing and groups of friends I love hanging out with. This year I hosted and participated in summer documentary nights at Odopod, Procraftination / ladies craft nights, board game nights, craft swaps, Chopped! dinner parties, weekend hikes / the SF Adventure series, took classes, and wrote on this lovely blog. I think all of these activities are great ways to stay in touch with friends and make new ones.

Click to see all of my SF Adventures.

6. Lowering expectations & living in the moment.
I used to have a tendency to get really upset when my larger-than-life expectations weren’t met. I would build things up in my head so much that the real life event could never live up to it. This year I focused on not having expectations (living in the moment) or, if I couldn’t help but have them, I would try my best to make them realistic. Many times this year I expected much less than what actually happened and I was happily surprised rather than sorely disappointed. Thanks The Happiness Project!

2012 Resolution Recap

  1. Keep up with The Happiness Project.
    I never really completed The Happiness Project, but I still think it was extremely valuable. The first half of the book really helped me set expectations in my various relationships and I’m much happier for it. When I was reading the book through the first time I noticed that the second half seemed more directly attached to the goals of the author, so when I attempted those chapters I had a hard time relating to them until I stopped all together.
  2. Keep up with healthy eating.
    Fitbit helped immensely with this one. I never payed attention to calories before I started tracking my food. I honestly had no idea what was actually healthy or not beyond ‘it’s green’. Now when Chris and I plan our dinners for the week the majority of them are vegetarian and under 300 calories.
  3. Keep up with walking to and from work.
    This is another one Fitbit helped with. If I don’t walk to and from work I have a really hard time hitting my daily goal of 14,000 steps.
  4. Keep up with reading.
    I failed horribly at this one. I only read 2.75 books this year: Ready Player One, Packing for Mars, and Fortune Cookie Chronicles (didn’t finish before I had to return it to the library). I LOVED all of the books I read, but I had a really hard time sitting for a prolonged period of time.
  5. Keep up with the blog.
    I started my SF Adventure series where Chris and I walked to every park in San Francisco and documented it. In addition I tried to keep you updated with our vacations and other fun random bits of my going ons.
  6. Keep up with the craft swap.
    Another one that kind of went on hiatus. After a botched attempt at a craft swap early in the year, I didn’t create another one until the holiday cards. It was partially because I was annoyed at our badly the first one went over, but mostly because I was super busy.
  7. Turn off cable.
    Chris and I have gone a full year without cable! Truthfully it was not hard. The only times that I really wished we had it were for big events – such as the Olympics or the Giants winning the World Series, but those things were easily watched in a bar or at Odopod.
  8. Learn how to / start running.
    I ran for about 2 months before walking became my fitness weapon of choice. I liked running, but Chris’s body is not made for it and it was extremely painful for him. Since I didn’t want to run alone and he wanted to exercise together, walking became our go-to. No regrets.
  9. Learn how to / start knitting.
    I took 2 knitting classes this year! Knitting 101 and Hats 101. I love it, but yarn is expensive so I havn’t really been knitting up a storm. I’ve made a few scarfs and hats. I think hats are my favorite.
  10. Get better at calling people.
    Done! I’ve called to make appointments, clients to present work, order food, catch up with friends, and my person favorite – the police when a car on our street’s horn was busted and on full blast at 7am in the morning.
  11. Keep calm.
    I’ll call this one a work in progress. I think I’m leaps and bounds better then where I was a year ago (thanks to The Happiness Project and Chris), but I’m still working out the kinks.

2013 Resolutions

  1. Maintain my healthy lifestyle.
    ☐ Walk at least 14,000 steps a day.
    ☐ Walk 60,000 steps in 1 day.
    ☐ Complete the JFK 50 mile challenge.
    ☐ Maintain my current weight.
    ☐ Eat Healthy
    ☐ Keep tracking my food.
    ☐ Cook at least 1 dinner a week (so Chris gets a night off).
  2. Be myself, but do the right thing.
    Taking a page out of Allison’s book on this one. I admire my older friends who are very true to themselves. They do what they want to do and nobody can stop them. If if I’m unsure / on the fence about whether to do something or not, I’ll chose the righteous path.
    ☐ Did you say you were going to do it?
    ☐ Is someone expecting you?
    ☐ Would it make someone happy vs indifferent?
  3. Exercise emotional restraint while at work.
  4. Become more aware of my spending and savings.
    ☐ Start a Mint.com account, or something of the like.
    ☐ Better understand my 401K.
    ☐ Talk to a financial planner.
    ☐ Understand my credit.
    ☐ [Slightly Unrelated] Get better at math without a calculator. Flashcards?
  5. Learn to sit still & relax.
  6. Be creative.
    ☐ Continue writing on the blog.
    ☐ Continue the craft swap (aim for 3-4 swaps this year).
    ☐ Continue hosting and attending Ladies Craft Night.
    ☐ Try to do 1 art piece a month that isn’t digital.
    ☐ Design and code my new portfolio website.
  7. Stay in touch.
    ☐ Call/email friends – especially those who I don’t see often.
    ☐ Write physical letters.
    ☐ Keep planning our 2014 trip to Hawaii.

Those are my resolutions, what are yours? I’d love to read & be inspired by them. ;) Happy New Year! Here’s hoping we all have a successful and prosperous 2013.