2012 Christmas Eleganza

I went back and forth on posting all of backlogged Christmas events from this year. On one hand it’s January, I’ve already made New Year’s posts, and on the other I know I’ll come back next year looking for pictures and links from this year and they won’t be there – which would be sad. Long story short – I’m posting! The first party I went to this year was the Yahoo! Holiday Party.

Dec 1: Yahoo! Holiday Party

Definitely the more extravagant party I have ever been to. It was held on one of the piers in a giant warehouse. The front of the building was lit up purple and search lights scoured the sky. People were showing up in limos – in gowns! The party was movie themed and the warehouse had been broken up into 5 sections. The first area was the red carpet, you walked down the a path lined with cardboard cutouts of celebrities. The second area was the wild west. It had a saloon, gambling tables (poker, blackjack – you name it), giant photo booths, and cow statues. The third area was Bollywood themed with belly dancers, delicious indian food, and statues of elephants & tigers. The fourth, and coolest section, was japanese anime / sci-fi area. It had giant projection cubes hanging over the bars, an entire wall lined with DDR machines, the main stage (where Train played), and they were serving sushi. The fifth, and tiniest, section was a game room – I have no idea what movie genre it was suppose to be attached to. You could participate in a silent dance party or play pool and old arcade games. All in all pretty amazing.

Dec 6: Odopod Holiday Party

The Odopod Holiday Party was held at Terra Gallery & Event Space this year. I got my hair cut right before the party, so it was really fun & nerve wracking to see people’s reactions. Unfortunately Terra required that we use their provided photo booth rather than our favorite – Magbooth, the quality wasn’t as good and they didn’t provide digital copies, but still entertaining none-the-less. I took photos with Allison & Sam, Sabah and Chris, Michael, Grayden, Jenny, & Chris, and Chris. We also did the obligatory Team Blue photo.

Dec 8: Ho-Ho-Holiday Party

Chris and I hosted a Cookie & Yankee Swap Christmas Party at our apartment. The turnout was a trillion times more successful than last year – hooray! We started the night drinking mulled wine, moved onto eating cookies, swapped gifts, and then played a very intoxicating dice game.

Team Blue White Elephant
For our Team Blue holiday outing we went to Smuggler’s Cove and had a $10 White Elephant gift exchange. Afterwards we hung out in Dobb’s Ferry for awhile. It was really fun – unfortunately I don’t have a picture.

Dec 15: Festive Holiday Dinner

With the exception of last year Allison has put together a festive holiday dinner every year that I’ve been in San Francisco. The first year we went to Olea, the second Bar Tartine, and this year we went to Anchor & Hope. Allison brought flowers for the table, candy, and Christmas poppers. The food was delicious, I even tried fried oyster and mahi mahi. Success!

Dec 17: Dinner with Laura & Sean

Laura and Sean flew to Mountain View on a business trip and there was no way we could say no to driving down to meet up with them. We ended up going to a New Orleans style restaurant in downtown Palo Atlo called Nola. It was delicious! I would love to go back again. It was great to see the newly engaged Laura and Sean and catch up with them before Christmas. Can’t wait to see them in Palm Springs in February!

Dec 18: Dinner with Dave

Dave Hamilton, a high school friend for those of you who don’t know him, was on a California adventure and stopped in San Francisco for two days to check out the sights. We met up with him for dinner at Citrus Club and then gave him a tour of Haight/Ashbury. He’s been getting his doctorate in North Carolina, so I haven’t seen him in awhile and it was great to catch up.

Dec 24: Christmas with The Bergmanns

Keeping with tradition I flew home on Christmas Eve. Although it was the first Christmas day without Zak, it was the first white one we’ve had in awhile. We had three dogs at the house when I arrived: Kobi, Bailey, and Riley. On Christmas night we went out to the super decorated house and for the first time got out the car to look around. The next day Zak came home and we opened the rest of our presents. It was great to relax, catch up on cable, and go on walks in the woods.

That was my 2012 Christmas & December events! What did you guys do? Please share!