A Year in Knitting

Knitting Projects of all shapes and sizes

2012 was my first full year becoming a full-on knitting fanatic. The world of cushy yarns and the methodical “clack click” of knitting needles has thoroughly sucked me in. Maybe it’s the idea that I can be doubly “productive” while enjoying some “down time” that appeals to my need to multitask. Or the exciting appeal of Portland’s bazillion amazing yarn shops that keeps me inspired. Whatever it was that bit me, I’m hooked. I wanted to share some of my completed projects from this year which were all adventures in their own rights.

Hand Felted Slippers

The first big project I completed last year were a pair of felted slippers, where I not only enjoyed learning how to shape knitted fabric (see first photo and the GIGANTIC shoe that was my finished knitted piece) but also learned the joys (read: pain) of felting a piece by hand. That’s 45 minutes, per slipper, of hand-chafing scrubbing in hot soapy water. The end result was a cozy slipper that magically fit to my foot! Maybe next time I’ll try felting in the washing machine instead…

Herringbone Cowl

My second project was my first one with a serious deadline. I wanted to make a cowl for myself in time for our fall trip to Seattle. I had 1 month. I finished two days before. The pattern called for a stitch called the herringbone stitch, for it’s unusual chevron shape. Difficult to master and frustrating to fix, but the result was totally worth it. This is definitely my favorite piece from this year!

Mom and Dad with their Christmas scarves

Wanting to turn my attention from making projects for myself, I realized we were nearing the season of giving: Christmas. So in a well-meaning frenzy of Christmas spirit and temporary loss of sanity, I set out to make two scarves and two cowls for family and friends. I had 2 months. I finished with two days to spare.

Green Bandana Cowl

Silver Bandana Cowl

Further descending into this tangle of string, I had the privilege to visit the Flock and Fiber Festival this year with Tina. The festival was a place where fiber artisans were celebrated at all steps of the process, from knitters and weavers, to spinners and dyers, even raising and shearing sheep! It was super cool to see fiber arts at so many levels and inspiring to see how passionate everyone was about their crafts.

Go Team Alpaca!

Check out my Flock and Fiber set on Flickr for more awesome photos of alpacas and other things!

Happy crafting!