My Palindrome Birthday

26! Photo by Allison.

On March 13, 2013 I turned 26. It was especially exciting because the date was a palindrome – 3 13 13 = 31 31 3. After enjoying Emily’s extravagant birthdays for so many years, I wanted to do something memorable for mine as well. At first I toyed with the idea of going to Tahoe, then roller skating or laser tag, but what I ended on was perfect & very me.

My birthday started in Palm Springs. Laura asked me to marry her (ok – she asked me to be her maid of honor, same difference) and gave me a beautiful scarf she knitted herself as a birthday gift.

My actual birthday landed on a Wednesday. First thing in the morning Sara, James, and Theo met me for the Bi-Rite on Divisadero’s opening day. I bought the first official ice cream purchase from that location. Chris sent me a beautiful flower bouquet and Team Blue held a joint birthday party for Maya (March 14) and I. Sam (with the help of Allison) made an amazing ice cream cake with peanut butter and oreos.

Ice Cream Cake made by Sam & Allison

That night Chris, Allison, Sam and I went to Ragazza for dinner.

I planned my birthday party for the following Saturday. I sent out a cute invitation, that I probably spent too much time on, depicting everything we planned on doing a few weeks in advance.

The invitation!

We started the day driving around the city and picking everyone up in a giant zip van. It was still quiet foggy when we drove over Golden Gate to The Marine Mammal Center. Fortunately as soon as our guided tour started the fog parted and the rest of the day was absolutely beautiful.

The elephant seal pup you see here sounded like a screaming woman.

Greg Hernandez, a co-worker, had told me about The Marina Mammal Center a few weeks before I decided to go there for my birthday. They’re a center that rehabilitates seal and sea lion pups and, after they’ve recovered, releases them back into the wild. You can walk around the facility for free or you can take a tour for a $7 donation. They run 100% on donations and volunteers.

This sculpture is made entirely of trash found inside the belly of one unfortunate whale… so sad. Photo by Chris.

Amelia and I helped rescue a (stuffed animal) seal pup. Photo by Chris.

Bert took a video that captures the awkward hilarity of the rescue.

Group shot! Photo by Allison.

Soon after our tour ended it was lunch time for the pups and we started to feel hungry ourselves. Chris and I planned on going to Davey Jones Deli to pick up sandwiches for our picnic, but – as we should have suspected – the guy laughed when we called to place our order. We quickly came up with a plan B and stopped at a supermarket deli instead.

Half an hour later we were at Muir Beach Overlook and it was absolutely beautiful.

I brought some flowers and a few “tablecloths” to keep it classy.

Picnic Time. Photo by Chris.

Walking down onto the outlook.

The view from the outlook looking back at the city. You can see Sutro Tower!

Our last adventure of the day, in true Linzi style, was hiking along the Coastal Trail from Muir Beach to Pirate’s Cove. I did not anticipate the amount of incline we would face, but the scramble and views from the cove were totally worth it.

Muir Beach from above. Photo by Allison.

The infamous jump. Photo by Allison.

The Coastal Trail

The end of the scramble down to Pirate’s Cove. Photo by Chris.

Pirate’s Cove. Photo by Allison.

Pirate’s Cove panorama.

Relaxin’ after finishing the climb back up from Pirate’s Cove. Photo by Allison.

The hike back.

Hanging out on the last little outlook of the trail. Photo by Allison.

Outlook panorama.

The End. Photo by Allison.

That night, before dropping everyone off, we ventured out to the Outer Sunset to a weird sweet shop that sell durian ice cream. All-in-all my birthday party was pretty fantastic. On March 18th, I was promoted to Art Director – a position I am anxiously thrilled about! My birthday ended in Tahoe with a baller celebration in a hot tub on the top of Squaw mountain.

Squaw mountain top pool & hot tub. Photo by Chris.

Kara & Kim were sweethearts and bought me a cake.

Thank you everyone for such a fantastic birthday! It was truly amazing and I’m so happy I got to spend it with you. To see all of the photos, check out Chris’s set, Allison’s set and my set.