Reid & Kristine’s Reception

Congratulations Reid & Kristine!

On June 13th Chris and I flew to Nebraska to attend Reid and Kristine’s wedding reception. Omaha pleasantly surprised us with a variety of cool things to see & do. (A big shout out to Jason Hardy for providing us with a great list that we would have been bored to death without.) Eugene T. Mahoney State Park was the perfect place to stay and Reid & Kristine’s reception at the art-deco inspired Durham Museum was beautiful and classy.


Eugene T. Mahoney State Park

After a quick stop in Vegas, we arrived at the Omaha airport in the early afternoon. The Eugene T. Mahoney State Park lodge doesn’t check you in until 4pm, so we ended up hiking around the park for a few hours. The park was perfect – a little too perfect. All the grass was perfectly mowed and there was a wide variety of activities. From paddle boating to horse-back riding, it’s definitely family oriented and brought back many nostalgic childhood memories.

Peter Kiewit Lodge

Chris: urban hiker.

Linzi: hiker. Photo by Chris.

Platte River

Walter Scott Jr. Observation Tower

You can see forever! Photo by Chris.

That night we traveled into the city for dinner at Pitch and then drinks with Reid, Kristine, and friends. Pitch, a pizza place, was legit. Their pies were amazing – possibly one of our favorites, beating out some fierce SF competition.

The Mia.


Chris and I spent Friday exploring downtown Omaha. We ate and shopped around in the Old Market, took a stroll through Gene Leahy Mall (a park), got artsy fartsy at the Joslyn Art Museum, and walked to Iowa on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

Old Market

Gene Leahy Mall

Joslyn Art Museum

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge


That night we met up with Sabrina, Tim, David, Reid, and Kristine at Kristine’s family BBQ. Her entire family was extremely nice. Reid’s mom and dad were there, who I hadn’t seen in forever, and Reid and Kristine’s grandmothers discussed 50 Shades of Grey. Around 8pm there was a thunderstorm unlike any that I’ve ever encountered. The sky got dark, it started to hail, and lightning danced across the sky in all directions while the streets turned to rivers.


We spent most of Saturday at the Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. It is quite possibly the largest zoo Chris and I have ever been to; rivaling the San Diego zoo. Sabrina, Tim, David, Chris and I walked around and Reid caught up with us occasionally – juggling fast-walking friends and slow moving family.

Sabby! Photo by Chris.

The boys and the desert dome.

Ring-tailed Lemurs for my mom.

Look at these animals. Photo by Chris.

Giraffe & penguins living together. It’s madness! Photo by Chris.

Only in Omaha, aardvark digging contest. Photo by Sabrina.

That night was Reid and Kristine’s reception at the Durham Museum; a repurposed train station. “Union Station opened its doors to the public on January 15, 1931, as one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the United States. This magnificent facility served millions of rail travelers and was well-known for its “modern” amenities and lavish style.”

All cleaned up. Photo by Chris.

“Act casual.”

Reid & Kristine

The main entrance hall, where the drinks were served, still looks exactly like the old station. There were these statues (that apparently talk during the day) that we all ended up posing with throughout the night.

Suzanne and Walter Scott Great Hall

Reid checking out the train schedule.

Tim and Sabrina engaged in conversation with very small men.

The reception was held in the Swanson Gallery where there were hearty appetizers, delicious desserts, and classy dancing.

The perfect night.


After brunch at Denny’s (lol), Sabrina, Tim, and David hit the road back to Denver, CO. Reid and Kristine, understandably tired, spend the day relaxing while Chris and I hit up all of the fun activities at Mahoney State Park that we didn’t do yet.

Paddle boating at Owen Marina.

Mini Golf

Before we caught our flight, returned to Pitch for dinner, took a stroll around Heartland of America Park, and got Ted & Wally’s ice cream one last time.

Heartland of America Park

Ted & Wally’s Ice Cream

I had been there so many times in our short trip that I became the mayor on Foursquare! All in all I had a great time exploring Omaha and loved seeing all of my friends. The reception was beautiful and I’m so happy for Reid & Kristine. Thank you for inviting us and I can’t wait to see you all again – hopefully sooner than later.


P.S. If you’d like to see all of our photos, check out Sabrina’s Flickr set, Chris’s Flickr set, and my Flickr set.