Craft Swap VIII: Mystery Box Challenge

Please don’t send live animals.

Inspired by cooking shows (Chopped, MasterChef, etc.), this craft swap is about making something ‘stunning’ with unknown – potentially weird – objects.

XC Craft Swap VIII

Theme: Mystery Box Challenge
Rules: Everyone that signs up will be assigned another crafter. You have a month to put objects (anything goes, <=$20 in value) into a package & mail it to the person you are assigned. Once you receive your package, you have a month to create something using those objects. You can use other objects to create your craft as well, but keep in mind the objects you received should be the hero – not a garnish.

If you’re interested please write your name below before August 31st. The swap begins on September 1st. You should send your boxes/packages on October 1st. The crafts, that you will keep & post, are due on November 1st – just in time to start making your holiday cards. ;)

Happy Crafting!