Flickr Photo Walk: Dogpatch

Photo Walk Friends

On June 29th, Chris and I met up with a few friends to participate in a Flickr Meet-Up, a photo walk around the industrious Dogpatch. Chris and I walked from our neighborhood. We meet up with Glen and Jesse in the Mission and Alex and Laura at the designated group spot. The group met outside of a coffee shop in historic Dogpatch. Flickr employees gave out free shirts and we started our tour.

Parking Lot

I’m always surprised by how open Dogpatch is compared to the rest of the city. There are a lot of factories full of broken windows, surrounded by wide open spaces.

Wide Open Spaces

At one point we entered a one-way road into an active factory complex. The workers and gate keepers were not amused by the hundred-some people clicking away their cameras at their job site. It was hot out, after taking a few photos we were feeling a little un-welcome and our small group departed the larger one for ice cream.

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous

After our delicious scoops & cones, we left Mr & Mrs on the look-out for a large group of roaming photographers. We were pretty determined that they wouldn’t be hard to catch up to… and we were right.

The Ramp

The Actual Ramp

After another small detour at The Ramp, we found them walking up 16th St. Everyone stopped to take pictures of this graffitied tunnel.

CalTrain Tunnel

From the CalTrain tunnel we walked up Potrero Hill and took a group shot of everyone overlooking the city.


Our small group ended the walk with pizza & beer at Goat Hill Pizza. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day, but I wish I had worn some sunscreen. ;) If you’d like to see our collective photos, follow the links:

My Flickr SetChris’s Flickr SetAlex’s Flickr SetJesse’s Flickr Set


P.S. Please ignore how my hair looked that day – spiky + hat doesn’t work.