Fourth of July 2013

4th of July Friends

This was my fifth 4th of July in San Francisco! Hard to believe that I moved here four years ago – feels like time has flown by. I’ve been out of college longer than I was in it… mind-blown. We celebrated in Nikki & Joe’s backyard this year! They have a nice shared space that is perfect for grilling and is protected from the chilling summer winds. We weren’t the only ones with the same idea, so we made a lot of friends down there. (Particularly interesting were the group of people teaching the children they didn’t know how to play beer pong.) Sadie spent most of her time welcoming anyone who entered or trying to find food. It was pretty adorable.

For the fireworks we headed towards Fisherman’s Wharf – a place we’ve purposely avoided every year. We’ve never been brave enough to venture into the large crowds of unruly people, but this year was different… For the first time since my first 4th of July in SF, it miraculously wasn’t foggy. For that reason alone we sucked it up and went down to the wharf to see the fireworks.

A beautiful sunset.

Alex and Laura knew of a somewhat secret park above the water front called Black Point Battery. We went past the ‘Do Not Enter’ signs, up the long and winding stairs, to find a green lawn with picnic tables. From the area surrounding the picnic tables there was an un-obstructed view down to the water, but that area was currently taken over by a few creative types*. (*By ‘creative types’ I mean very drunk men wearing American flags as capes – probably not the brightest of the bunch.) Chris didn’t like it up there one bit. There were people putting fireworks in the cannon, lots of drinking and drug use, cops roaming the premises, and instability all around. The group unfolded their blankets and sat down and, against his will and better judgment, Chris did the same. But MAN was it worth it! As soon as the first firework went off we realized we were looking directly at the firing dock. The fireworks were literally right above us and we could see everything – it’s the best spot we could have possibly been.



Happy 4th of July (in September) everyone!