Summer Visitors

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated, but we’ve had a lot of visitors! I always find it funny when people visit SF during it’s worst months, but I guess for them it’s an escape from the heat and I can respect that. Without further ado, here are the wonderful people who graced us with their presence:

Melinda & Dick: July 6-7

On July 6th, Chris and I drove up to Sonoma to see his mom, visit the vineyards, and meet Dick’s family. Dick introduced us to a new winery, Gundlach Bundschu, and it quickly has quickly become one of my favorites. It has a great, relaxing ambiance and is located next to a man-made lake. We introduced them to Scribe – one of the ‘hot’ wineries big among the designer types. On July 7th, Melinda and Dick drove into the city and we spent the day eating oysters, walking along the Embarcadero, and checking out the America’s Cup Pavilion. We ended their trip with dinner at Zazie – a Chris and Linzi visitor staple.

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Stook & Fallon: July 13-14, 20

On July 13th, the four of us went on a hike up to Baker Beach where we had a cute picnic, mocked male models in their underwear, and were entertained by the fully naked sunbathers. On July 14th, Chris celebrated his 31st birthday eating oysters on Tamales Bay – which I will write about in a different post. On the 20th, Chris and I drove up to Healdsburg to enjoy an amazing brunch with Stook & Fallon and float around on Russian River.

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Sam: August 1

Sam stopped in San Francisco for a little bit as part of his summer world tour. I was happy to meet up with him for dinner at Padrecito and had him try some of my homemade ice cream afterwards.

Douglas: August 16-18

Douglas came to SF with a checklist. On August 16th, Chris and Douglas rode bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge while I worked. We met up that night for dinner at R&G Lounge, rode the California line cable car, and had a late dessert at Bob’s Donuts. On the 17th, we walked through Golden Gate Park to see the bison, ate Bahn Mi, and people-watched in Dolores Park. On the 18th, we hiked around Sutro Baths and enjoyed some Pho.

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Sean & Laura: August 22-25

Sean arrived a day before Laura, while we were at work. We walked home that Thursday night and enjoyed some delicious grub at the Upper Haight Off the Grid food trucks. Laura arrived Friday night and we magically made reservations at Padrecito – one of my new favorite restaurants (we you can tell). Saturday we split up after brunch on our separate, gender-specific tracks. The boys went to a bar to enjoy salted meats and beer, while the girls toured the best froyo spots the city has to offer – which, similar to Chris’s birthday, I will write about later. We came together for dinner at Foreign Cinema, where Chris and I met Duane and his wife Jenna. The food was delicious and we all had a great time. The next morning the four of us met up with Allison and Sam for brunch at Cafe Reverie. Afterwards we trekked over Corona Heights to Philz, so Laura could experience for herself the magic of the Iced Mojito.

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Since Laura and Sean visited, Laura has returned! It was a great surprise having her fly in for business. I was super happy that we got to hang out even though her schedule was crazy. In addition to Laura, I got to spend some quality time with Katarina – who I haven’t seen since graduating college in 2009! We went to Fig & Thistle, a wine bar near Nurun, and caught up on life.

Friends & family – thank you so much for visiting! The summer wouldn’t have been the same without you. Friends and family are always welcome at the Bergmann and Berry Bed & Breakfast, so please stop by! We love to see you!