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Best Friends

Instead of doing our usual trip to San Diego this year, Chris and I flew up the coast to visit some of our favorite people: Laura, Sean, and Findlay! The weather this trip was fantastic. It didn’t rain a single drop, blue skies and warm sun the entire trip – I got to wear shorts! The great weather allowed us to explore the city by foot and helped us not feel so bad for eating like pigs.

•  Day 1  •

We left San Francisco on the first plane out of SFO at 6:30am Friday morning. We arrived in Portland way before most of the city was awake (or they were already at work). Determined to re-visit our favorite, slightly disgusting meal, Laura drove us from the airport directly to Pine State Biscuits.

The Reggie

Afterwards we saw Findlay, walked the length of the Springwater Corridor, ate lunch at Meat Cheese Bread, walked over the Burnside Bridge, finally saw the ‘Welcome to Portland‘ sign, and met Sean at Rontoms (a bar he frequents with his coworkers).

Findlay. Photo by Chris.

Springwater Corridor

Meet Cheese Bread

Burnside Bridge

Michelada (Tecate Bloody Mary) at Rontoms. Photo by Chris.

Whipps! Photo by Chris.

Afterwards we tasted wine at Cyril’s @ Clay Pigeon Winery (Laura’s bosses’s wine bar) until we were ready for dinner. Laura, Sean, and Chris got dinner at Lardo, while I got the most amazing PBJ I’ve ever had in my life, the Cynthia, at PBJ Grilled. Needless to say Chris and I passed out as soon as we returned to Laura and Sean’s apartment.

Cyril’s @ Clay Pigeon Winery

PBJ Grilled

•  Day 2  •

Saturday was on the mellower side. We drove out to Cannon Beach to see the infamous Haystack Rock and hang out in the adorable sea town the spans the beach. It reminded me a lot of Cape Cod or Plum Island, places I frequented as a child. We enjoyed a small picnic full of meats and cheeses and walked along the beach until it was time for dinner.

Beach picnic.

Haystack Rock

Sean attempts a photobomb, hilarity ensues.

Tina and Evan met us at Olympic Provisions, a delicious restaurant located in the same building as Laura’s company, to catch up over dinner. Afterwards we enjoyed ice cream at their adorable house. I was pumped to meet Ragu & Luther.

Olympic Provisions

Tina and Ragu

•  Day 3  •

We spent Sunday in downtown Portland. We waited for what felt like hours for an amazing brunch at Tasty ‘N Alder; a classic Portland experience. While we waited we did get to stop by the Ace Hotel, Stumptown Coffee, and some of Sean and Laura’s other favorite shops.

Ace Hotel

Auntie Paula’s French Toast at Tasty ‘N Alder

After brunch we went to Salt & Straw, which sadly seemed more commercialized since our last visit. Fortunately their ice cream was still fantastic, maybe it was just that less people wanted ice cream in the pouring rain. ;) To burn off the calories, we revisited the Rose Garden. It was so beautiful compared to our last visit. Everything was alive and colorful, fragrant smells were all around us as ‘2 Whipps’ posed for pictures with a towel on his head.


2 Whipps. Photo by Chris.

The end of our last day quickly approaching, we checked out the Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge – a FourSquare find. It led us directly to the AirTram, which had unfortunately just closed. Always have to leave something on your list for next time!

Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge

For dinner we went to this really great bahn mi place: Double Dragon. Chris liked it so much after he finished his bahn mi, he went back up and ordered ramen – just because he had to taste both.

Orange Sesame Soy Curls Bahn Mi at Double Dragon

We returned to Laura and Sean’s apartment, fat and happy, for a game of Dominion & an early bedtime. This trip we planned both flights extremely early in the morning due to budget and flight time constraints. It actually worked out great! We got to stay all day Sunday and return home Monday morning right before work. I think we’ll plan all of our west coast trips like this in the future; it allows you to spend more time with your friends especially when your vacation is so short.


Thank you so much Laura and Sean for showing us around Portland and letting us stay at your place. It was a pleasure to see you (& Findlay). I’m happy summers are so nice there, especially because spring is so wet. I think you may actually have the best summer weather I’ve experienced. I’m sure we’ll be back again soon. Much love. <3


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