Eric’s Camping Adventure

Happy Birthday Eric! Photo by Chris.

For Eric’s 35th birthday a bunch of the Flickr crew car camped on Yuba River. Located in North Tahoe, the Lincoln site could not have been more beautiful. The Saturday Chris and I stayed there it was just the wilderness, our loud – possibly inappropriate – group, and the innocent boy scouts next door.

Chris and I woke up bright & early Saturday morning to drive to Tahoe. We arrived at 9am and the camp was just beginning to wake.

Saturday morning at the Lincoln Campsite.

For Chris’s birthday I bought him an awesome 3-person Coleman tent! Honestly, I picked it because when we visited Omaha I saw someone with the orange version and I loved the lantern logo on the rain-fly. Shallow I know, but it’s just too adorable. We purposely pitched next to Maggie & Ryan who had the mom-version of our baby tent – same color and everything.

New tent!

After breakfast we had a long discussion on what to do and landed on tubing in Donner Lake. Truthfully we chose it because it was the closest of the options and after driving 4 hours, driving another hour and a half didn’t sound too appealing. Not to mention Chris and I had bought a car air pump just for this occasion. It took forever to fill up all of the tubes, but was totally worth it versus the alternative. The water in the shade was quiet chilly, but once you were floating in the sun it was perfect. Chris Martin, attached a GoPro to his tube and took the following photo and video:

Chris and I tubing on Donner Lake. Photo by Chris Martin.

As the sun fell in the sky, the water became too cold to hang in and we all went our separate ways exploring the lake. Chris and I walked along the south side and took a few photos of the beautiful landscape.

Donner Lake

In our time apart Chris Martin (and friends) found a secret beach through an island of woods. It didn’t take much convincing to move all of our stuff and play hearts until the sun went down.

Playing Hearts.

Maggie and Ryan’s car lead the charge to Dairy Queen when we left Donner Lake. I hadn’t had a Blizzard in years! Once we were back at the campsite we re-built our fire and started cooking dinner. At one point a cow piñata was hung between two trees and drunkenly swung at. It quickly lost it’s head and delivered us many delicious treats. Many drinks were had, the food was delicious, the company was hilarious, and the boy scouts next door got a thorough sex education thanks to Cards Against Humanity.

Dinner. Photo by Chris.

Hit the piñata with the chair! Photo by Chris.

Fireside Chat. Photo by Chris.

Day 2

Good morning Yuba River!

We awoke to the sun and the delightful bug chirps I so desperately miss in SF. There was a chill in the air and a fire had already been built by the early risers. Chris and I made eggs, bacon, and potatoes for breakfast.


I would definitely recommend camping at the Yuba River Lincoln Campsite. It’s great for large parties because the campsite is HUGE. There’s only one campsite next to it and you’re separated by bushes. There’s a giant grill, large fire pit, running water, and a ‘toliet’ (aka one of those creepy giant holes in the ground with a toilet on top). The only downside is that it’s located right next to the freeway. For the most part you don’t notice it – except when a large semi rolls by or the faint lights three stories above you in the night. The hill and trees do a great job of hiding it from view.

Goodbye Yuba River!

All in all it was a fantastic second adult-life camping experience and I just wanted to thank Eric so much for inviting Chris and I along. I hope his birthday is exactly what he hoped for because we had a terrific time. Happy Birthday Eric!


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