Sailing the Bay

On a rare 88°F day in San Francisco, Captain Emily took us on a sailing adventure in the bay. We started at the Berkeley Marina, slowly sailed over to Angel Island, hung out on the island and celebrated James’s birthday on the boat, sailed to the Golden Gate Bridge, and did a giant loop past the city, around Yerba Buena Island, under the new Bay Bridge back into Berkley Marina just as the sun set. It is in my top 5 days in San Francisco and thankfully Allison and Chris took beautiful photos so I can share it with you.

Laura. Photo by Allison.

Emily sailed the boat out of the marina and into the open bay with ease. She was the captain of her rented vessel. Occasionally she would need help around the boat and Daniel stepped up to the plate as her first mate.

Captain Emily. Photo by Allison.

The rest of us just hung out, drank beer, snacked, and sun bathed in our bathing suits – a rarity in San Francisco. Most of the time we’d be alone in the water with a few boats in the distance, but sometimes we’d make boat friends with the people around us.

James, Theo, and Theo’s friend. Photo by Allison.

Daniel. Photo by Allison.

Linzi. Photo by Allison.

Maya & James. Photo by Allison.

After spending a good amount of time relaxing at sea, we docked at Ayala Cove on Angel Island. A few of us went ashore for a small hike or to sit on the beach romantically. Surprisingly, a few deer greeted us on our hike! Once we had all returned to the boat, sweaty from our hike, we decided it was time to jump in!

Jumping in! Gif by Chris.

Theo’s friend, Maya, Emily, and I jumped into the freezing bay. Truthfully, on a rare hot day like October 5th was, it felt amazing. Lots of slow motion video was taken… but I can’t seem to find any of them. Refreshed, we returned to the boat to celebrate James’s birthday with Maya’s beautiful (melting) ice cream cake.

James’s Birthday Cake, made by Maya. Photo by Allison.

Birthday celebrations over, we returned to the bay. Everyone had a chance to sail the boat while Emily watched protectively – like a mother duck watching her ducklings swim for the first time.

Driving with no pants! Photo by Chris.

Captain Emily & Daniel. Photo by Allison.

Daniel. Photo by Allison.

People also took turns in the hammock that Emily had put up on the front of the boat. It was particularly fun when we swayed in another boat’s wake.

Allison. Photo by Chris.

Alex. Photo by Allison.

Sam. Photo by Allison.

As the sun set in a beautiful array of colors, the temperature dropped. We bundled up and rejoiced by drinking champagne under the newly opened Bay Bridge.

The Bay Bridge. Photo by Allison.

Emily masterfully docked the boat in the marina after the sun had set. I learned that night that sailing at night is particularly hard & that’s why we have lighthouses. Go figure. It was an amazing day with amazing people. I had a great time and I can’t thank Emily enough for inviting us along.

To see the rest of Allison and Chris’s beautiful photos check out out their Flickr pages:
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