Thanksgiving in Arizona

The Berries. Photo by Chris.

2013 was the first year Chris and I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together! As everyone and their mother liked to point out – “it was a big step”, even though it didn’t feel like it for us. For Thanksgiving we traveled to Arizona to hang out with Chris’s family and friends: Douglas, Austin & Declan, Jack, Melinda & Dick, Stook & Fallon and, to our surprise, Margeaux & Neal.

Thanksgiving Day was hectic, but lovely. Chalk full of kindness, hugs, love, food – the good stuff. I reunited with family I had met previously and made some new friends as well. We started with The Berries and ended with Dick & Melinda’s family and friends.

The first of three Thanksgiving meals.

Chris & I

Jack & Chris

Declan. Photo by Chris.

Melinda & Dick preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Photo by Chris.

Douglas & Holley. Photo by Chris.

Gorgeous Thanksgiving night next to Mt. Superstition.

The day after Thanksgiving, we had a Vegetarian Thanksgiving with Stook & Fallon. I tried tofurkey for the first time… and probably won’t eat it again, but everything else was delicious. Especially Fallon’s bread & pie. Chris and I ate dinner at the kids table with Margeaux & Neal – who we hadn’t seen since Stook & Fallon’s wedding. It was really great to see them again!

Austin’s 30th Birthday

Austin had a fantastic 30th birthday party. (I’m actually super jealous I didn’t think of something like it myself.) She rented a blow-up projector to screen her favorite movies, a restaurant-quality margarita mixer to make Bellinis, and bought a bunch of cheap pool blow-up rafts for everyone to sit in. Douglas even built a legit fire-pit in the backyard to keep warm around. We watched Princess Bride, The Jerk, and Jaws.

Trimming the tree for the projector.

Branch Battles

Declan in the blow up tubes.

You might not be able to see her, but Austin is in the lower right-hand corner.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Melinda bought tickets for the ladies to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on the afternoon of the day we flew back to SF. Originally it was suppose to be Melinda, Grandmom Jackie, Austin and myself – unfortunately Austin was unable to make it, so Dick took her place. The show was as ridiculous as expected. I’m very proud of Grandmom Jackie for sticking with it and watching the whole thing, even when the lasers and fire explosions got really close to our seats.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Thank you to everyone who made this a fantastic trip. Thanks Jack for picking us up & returning us to the airport – and for the delicious stop at Carolina’s along the way. A big thanks to The Berries and Melinda & Dick for including us in their Thanksgiving festivities. A bigger thanks to Stook & Fallon for letting us stay with them, including us in their Thanksgiving, and drinking wine while playing games with us until the wee hours of the morning – especially that ninja game… and the parking one. The parking one was great. See all of our photos on Flickr: Linzi’s Set & Chris’s Set.