The Skyrs The Limit 

For all you food adventurers out there considering going to Iceland, I highly recommend it!

Enjoying a BBP hotdog

The flight is only 7 hours from the west coast and relatively cheap. The people are friendly and the sites are amazing, as Linzi has covered in an earlier blog post.

I think the one thing that we didn’t quite have a grasp of before traveling to Iceland was the food situation. After doing some research I got the idea that whale, puffin and lamb were the staples of the Icelandic diet; and after visiting, I don’t think that much is true. All of the major cities in Iceland are on the coast and therefore they have all been traditionally fishing villages. The cold waters off the coast of Iceland provide for some delicious fish options, such as cod, haddock, salmon, herring and halibut. Although they do eat a lot of lamb (not many cows in Iceland) seafood is their main staple.

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