Hike to Tennessee Cove

Last June Bert, Iris, Chris, and I did the the Coastal, Wolf Ridge, and Miwok Trail Loop in the Marin Headlands. At the time it was so foggy (and eventually rainy) that we never saw any of the beautiful vistas we knew were there and vowed to return. The perfect opportunity struck when David Hamilton came for an interview in Mill Valley. David, the sporty person that he is, was pumped to hike with us – but none of us knew what we were in for.

Fort Cronkhite

It was the perfect day – warm with absolutely no fog. All of the views that were obscured before were in their full glory.

Coastal Trail

Beautiful views!

Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

The peak before the plunge.

Up until this point, where the Coastal Trail meets Wolf Ridge Trail, we had walked with Bert & Iris. Wolf Ridge forks at Hill 88 and when we went with Bert & Iris we took the path to the right and when we went with Dave we went to the left. On the map, the trail to the left looks pretty short & easy …not true. It’s an incredibly steep downgrade, so much so that neither Chris or I took photos because we were too focused on our balance.

Tennessee Cove

Dave, Chris, and the Great Blue Heron

The trial back.

I’m not sure which was worse, the tumble down or hike back up. The summit of Hill 88 was a breath of fresh air once we finally reached it.

Hill 88

We finished the trail just in time. Karl was slowly making his way across the headlands, starting with Point Bonita. We laughed at the hikers who were just starting their hike as we left.

Karl eating Point Bonita.

Dave & Chris on the last decent.

If you’d like to see all of my photos, please check out my Hike to Tennessee Cove flickr set.