Portland Bazaar / Crafty Wonderland

Hey all, reporting in from the Northwest!

This weekend, Sean and I got to attend two great events in Portland: The Portland Bazaar and The Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale!!

The Portland Bazaar (courtesy of sean)

Portland Bazaar is a weekend-long event hosted by Design*Sponge. It’s a chance to check out handmade furniture, ceramic goods, jewelry, and other fine wears made by local artisans. Sean was the man with the camera. I was busy learning how to make a wreath. ;)

Here are some of the interesting things we found..

Bamboo Daruma (courtesy of sean)

Tiny terrariums (courtesy of sean)

Old/new clocks and lights (courtesy of sean)

Coffee cart line (courtesy of sean)

It was a great event with lots of inspiring and talented artists. The weekend also included a series of workshops hosted by Ms. Design Sponge herself, of which I partook. I took a wreath-making class and whipped up a super awesome smelling circle of pine things!

Our instructor, instructing

The materials

My finished wreath! Hanging in our Christmas nook

I wish you could smell the pine scent on this blog…

The next even we attended (in the same day, mind you) was the mind-blowingly huge Craft Wonderland holiday craft fair

Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale (an awesome poster designed by Ryan Berkley)

Over 100 local vendors were there selling their crafty wares, including a few local artist celebrities like Kate Bingaman Burt, Berkley Illustrations, and APAK. It was super cool to see so many local artists emerge from their Etsy pages to sell things in the real world, and inspiring to see how many crafty people there are in this city! I somehow managed to limit my purchases to only a few items ;)

On the floor of Crafty Wonderland

Sean purchased a telephone pole turned tree stump turned footstool/side table at Portland Bazaar. Awesome!

I found a knitted and felted pillow! What do you think? Kitty or Findlay?

Hope you also have your holiday shopping all wrapped up!  ;)

Signing off,